Philosophy, Principles and Visions


1. We will always approach business from a global perspective.
2. We will always attend to the needs and desires of our customers.
3. We will continue to recognize the importance of the environment.
4. We will continue to value individuality and work to achieve synergy between people.
5. We will always remain open to new ideas and proposals.
6. We will always respond with speed and agility.

Our Corporate Philosophy

 1. Our Duty:
We hold ourselves responsible for the happiness of everyone in our organization and the contributions we make to global society.
2. Our Resolve:
We will create a vigorous and open-minded corporate culture through diligent self-discipline and ethical behavior.
3. Our Foundation:
We will learn from our markets, respond to our customers' requirements, and surpass our customers' expectations.
4. Our Approach:
We will devote ourselves to creation, innovation, and the realization of dreams.
5. Our Objective:
We will strive to be the world leader in tribology through constant technical improvement, development, and innovation.

Our Medium-term Vision

 Let the circle of trust expand across the globe, built upon the "Quality is Life" belief.

Foundation of DAIDO service world standard

1. To endeavor to always provide products and services which fulfill the customers needs.
2. Work to manage and maintain Daido quality systems worldwide in order to meet the trend in globalization.
3. Anticipate market changes as well as create and present customer value derived from tribology.

Research and development for creating new possibilities

1. To concentrate our management resources in research and development of strategic products by forecasting market trends.
2. To improve our core technology and continue securing market superiority through development of global-range products.
3. Encourage extending our corporate vision through open research and development cooperation with our institutions.

Creating people and creating things, is the very basis of all things

1. To train personnel with the ability to function actively in the world based on our global ideology.
2. Communicate with customers openly and on a one-to-one basis as well as create and develop "transparent" workplace and organization.
3. Be capable of realizing global values based on global competitive power by pursuing top productivity and cost structure renovation.