General Information  

Daido Metal Czech s.r.o.

Daido Metal Czech is producing cylindrical plain bearings, mainly Polymer Dry Bearings, which are used for automobile steering , suspension etc. Dry Bearings combine excellent strength and abrasion resistence even without any lubrication and the range of their use is very wide and not just limited to automobiles. 

Our company uses a wide scale of technologies which is Daido Metal Co. Ltd.,s own know-how  in the fields of modern methods of production processes. Our aim is to supply many customers in the entire European market with top quality products just in time. 

Using technology to face environmental challenges

We have been actively developing lead free materials with equivalent characteristics as the traditional lead based materials. This is because we are concerned about the load lead imposes on the environment. We have demonstrated high levels of ecological performance in our bearings for automobiles and dam sluice gates. 

Daido Metal is actively engaged in developing products that are kind to people and the environment.  

Daido manufacturing technology

- The equipment is Daido standard Design
- Daido concept Production equipment
- Combining Standard quality systems with Daido internal quality systems